Sodium benzoate
Item No.: FIP-1703
CAS No: 532-32-1
EINECS No.: 208-534-8
Specification: USP/FCC


Sodium Benzoate has been extensively used for many years as a preservative to control microbial growth. It is used in the food and beverage industries, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic products, corrosion inhibitors in automotive and other antifreeze products. 

Appearance: Powder   Standard: BP2000

Appearance: Granule   Standard: GB2000



▼Food preservative, fungicide fee preservatives

▼Pharmaceutical industry


▼Beverages, canned foods, juices, soy sauce

▼Acid zine plating additives


Standard export packing (25KGS/bag, Outer PP woven bag with inner PE film bag).


Sodium Benzoate should be stored in a cool, dry ambient environment. Avoid high Heat.

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